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Reverse Engineering by Mako-Technics Convert Your 3d Scan to CAD Data

Solutions for large quantities of scan data.

Fast processing, discounts based on quantities, top quality.

3D Reverse-Engineering for CAD

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Reverse-Engineering in parametric Data

Create CAD Data with parametric history

For reading data directly, we offer parametric data records. We offer native CAD Data in:

  • Reverse Engineering e.g in Solidworks
  • ... Autodesk
  • ... Inventor
  • ... CREO
  • ... Catia
CAD Data for these Softwares are always created with parametric history. To change single geometric elements of the scanned object, we create a CAD file according to your demand in the data format you need.

For example Solidworks - The geometry of the scan-data is directly recreated in Solidworks. The result is a Solidworks file, which can be opened and edited with parametric History in Solidworks.

reverse-engineering_designx reverse-engineering_SiemensNX

Reverse-Engineering in Volume-Data

Create CAD files out of scan data

For processing as a complete element in a sequel construction, for measurements or e.g for calculations of volumes, cheaper and faster created Volume-Data is sufficient. We create Volume-Data with Siemens NX or Design X.

- Design X (Geomagic) - The scan-data will be read and converted into surfaces in a mix of manual und semi-automated process.

- SiemensNX - The scan-data will converted into surfaces manually after reading the data.

The resulting data is available in STEP format as a *.stp file.

Reverse-Engineering Service

Based on your requirements on the reverse-engineering we choose the right software to create parametric data or volume data. The engineer decides the right way for reconstructing the scan data into CAD data based on his experience.
Advantages of 3D Digitalization for the industry:

  • CAD Data with Reverse Engineering for form- and tool manufacturing
  • Repair and extension of existing products
  • Easy communication with CAD data sets and more

We analyse the 3D scan and we notice the elements which were planned in the real component. Afterwards the single dots in this area get converted into a surface. This process is called Reverse-Engineering. The new CAD file can be created with parametric history and it can be used for further constructions instantly. The Reverse-Engineering makes it possible to digitalise highly complex components for every CAD System in a very short time. We offer data which meet the professional industrial requirements and is created with striking price-performance ratio.

Reverse Engineering Consulting

Our team, currently including about 30 construction-engineers experienced with almost every reverse-engineering software in use, will give you the right answer to your questions. We will be happy to advise you.

Phone: +49 (0)283 44 62 96 81

Reverse Engineering Quality

We create high quality by layering surfaces (resulting from the single scanned dots) on the point cloud.

Due to this reverse engineering, we are able to deliver CAD Data which meets the professional requirements in the industry.


automotive industry, casting industry or amusement, we have been working in various fields for years using 3d scan data

We have the experience to know exactly what you need to successfully process a project. As an example, we present four projects on the following pages. Find out what´s behind the pictures.

art and sculptures

various contemporary artists have discovered our service for their purposes and use it for their projects. For instance, at the end of an exhibition, a clay sculpture was scanned in order to prevent that the geometry be damaged or irrecoverably lost during dismantlement. Later on, the sculpture was made anew using an additive production process in order to reuse it in a different context.

art and sculptures

bodykit for Mini Cooper

faces with a continuity beyond tangentialiy - so called class A faces – are part of our service. You may book this service when high-class face geometries are needed. Automobile manufacturers, ship construction and aircraft construction companies are typical clients using the high-class results of our reverse engineering.
The example shows a Mini Cooper body kit. Apart from front, rear and side skirts, we have also produced various spoilers. Interior parts can also be digitized using this technique.

bodykit for Mini Cooper

cast components

the oil sump of an historic race car was scanned in order to bring it back into the market as a spare part. The rough part as well as the finished part for the metallic casting were developed from the reversed data. Furthermore, the complete pattern equipment was derived from these data.

cast components

attraction for a theme park

in order to redesign an existent slow boat ride, our client had the basis 3D digitalized. Based on the 3 D scan shown below, we created a file that our client could import into the CAD system SolidWorks. Thus, apart from the required complete documentation, also additional parts such as seat upholstery, headrests and exterior facing could be developped in the CAD system. The data that were thus created served as basis for further tool manufacturing.

attraction for a theme park

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If you submit your contact data here, you will get access to data examples. Take your time to evaluate the quality of our reverse engineering or use the text window for submitting a request to our team.


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