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We create precise step-file from a 3d scan stl-file. We create precise step-file from a 3d scan stl-file.
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Create STL To Step File Using Reverse Engineering

Create Step File accurately and cheaply

Generate optimal Step-files with reverse engineering.

Create Step File from the stl of a 3D scan

3D scanning is as easy as cooking coffee.

Professional and affordable digitalization of tools is now available to anyone with little effort and a 3D scanner. Create your scan data on-site and benefit from very fast transit times, low costs and easy communication.
Of course we can also provide you with a 3D scan of your parts.

Reverse engineering of your scanned data is not as easy as cooking coffee.

Similar to grandmother baking cake, the reconstruction of your scanned STL data requires years of professional experience in reverse engineering. The specialized engineer is going to use the scan points to recognize the logic of the workpiece and replaces these points with CAD-capable surfaces. We proceed your Scandata with reverse-engineering into your desired CAD data format.
Based on the scan data we construct a CAD / CAM capable solid model. You can choose between a parametrically constructed design, a surface reconstruction in a STEP / IGES model or a combination of both.
Parametric regular geometries and free-form constructed surfaces are created natively in Solidworks, Catia or CREO. For STEP or IGES models we use SiemensNX or DesignX (Geomagic) - further sample data can be found in the download link below.
Tolerances of 3 - 5 /100 mm are possible with recent scanning systems. The manual and logical reverse-engineering of scan data guarantees that deviations out of the scan file are removed in the new dataset. A 90° scaned angle will manually be replaced with a 90° solid angel. Any automated software process would completely copy all tolerances out of the scan instaed of providing you with clean surfaces.

With the finished data your tool can be created immediately.

Reverse-Engineering Procedure

Reverse-Engineering in parametric CAD data

CAD data with Parametric history

  1. Solidworks – Reverse-Engineering in native Solidworks data with Construction history
    Download sample
  2. Autodesk – Reverse-Engineering in native Autodesk data with Construction history
  3. CREO – Reverse-Engineering in native CREO data with Construction history
    Download sample
  4. Inventor – Reverse-Engineering in native Inventor data with Construction history
  5. CATIA 5 – Reverse-Engineering in native CATIA 5 data with Construction history
    Download sample

Reverse-Engineering in Volume data

Create Volume data of 3d scan

  1. DesignX – Reverse-Engineering in STEP
  2. DesignX – Reverse-Engineering in IGES
  3. SiemensNX – Reverse-Engineering in STEP
  4. SiemensNX – Reverse-Engineering in IGES

Our Service

STL to Step - consulting on 3D technologies

Our TEAM, of currently approx. 30 engineers, processes 3D scan data for import into your CAD software. As a service provider for reverse engineering, we have a network of partners and colleagues who offer almost every service in the 3D area. We assist in creating a 3D scan, data preparation and we can help with 3D printing. For your toolmaking processes, the scanning of a model and converting it into CAD / CAM dataset can provide a significant time and cost advantage. - We are happy to help.

Phone: +49 (0)283 44 62 96 81

Reverse engineering - quality and benefits through digitization

Increase your product quality by creating accurate 3D scans. Your production benefits from optimally prepared data for the tool design. The quick replacement of your component offers new possibilities in communication.

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